Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I know Dale Wolfe Custom Kitchens & Baths is right for my project?


A. If personalized service and value are important to you then give us a try. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about our products and being conscious of our clients needs and wants.




Q. Do I need to make an appointment to come to your showroom?


A. An appointment is not necessary during normal business hours, however it is sometimes helpful so that we can have someone available to meet with you. Non business hours appointments are required.




Q. How much does it cost for an estimate?


A. There is no charge for a consultation/estimate.




Q. How much do you charge a lineal foot for your cabinets and counter tops?


A. Since we treat every client uniquely it is difficult to arrive at a specific charge.




Q. Do you do cabinet refacing?


A. No, we do not feel that there is value in cabinet refacing. We feel that in the end you have paid for a lot of labor instead of products.




Q. How long is cabinet lead-time once an order is placed?


A. Our cabinets are all made to order. It depends on the cabinet product line you select, but a range would be 7 – 12 weeks.




Q. Who installs your cabinets?


A. Our installers are trained by and employed by us. We do not sub-contract the work to others.




Q. Do you have counter tops?


A. Yes, we have a wide variety of colors, types & brands for you to choose from.




Q. How long does a typical installation take?


A. That is pretty tough to judge since each job is unique, but on an average sized kitchen roughly 3 – 4 days. It could be shorter or longer it truly depends on the complexity of layout, whether it is a new home or a remodeling job, what type of counter tops, etc.




Q. What is your geographic working area?


A. We currently work from New York line to Maryland line.




Q. Do you only work in new homes?


A. No, while we do service many builders in the area we are happy to provide services for other new homes, remodeling and even commercial clients.




Q. Currently I have your cabinets and I would like to add some cabinetry. Will I be able to match my existing cabinetry?


A. Yes, we can match previous cabinetry that we provided. Also, often we are able to match cabinetry fairly accurately even if we did not provide it initially.




Q. Is hardware included in the cost of cabinets?


A. Yes, we feel that hardware is essential to the function of your cabinetry. We have a standard offering of 63 different pieces of hardware to choose from. The standard offering are in a variety of different finishes. We also have many other selections to choose from if the standard offering doesn’t suit your needs, additional charges may apply. The hardware options are available for review under the services section of our menu under accessories.